Join The Team


A wonderful opportunity to work with us – as a hobby or to gain experience

You can work with us by volunteering in any of the following areas. It’s a fantastic way for the hobbyist or enthusiast to really get close to these locomotives.

  • Photography – for working parties and social events
  • Publicist – for PR work to get our message out
  • Archives – help us compile a comprehensive portfolio of EMF over the last 40+ years
  • Admin support – website maintenance, social media help and membership database development
  • Fundraising – help on our sales stands, or come up with your own ideas
  • Work on the locos – anything from cleaning, through painting to serious engineering

Or come up with your own ideas on how you can help!

If you’re interested in helping us please click on this link.

Alternatively if you are interested in becoming a member or shareholder, please visit our Shareholders’ page.