Our Goals and Objectives


  • To keep 7812 Erlestoke Manor well maintained, promptly carrying out any repairs that may be required to ensure a high level of availability for service.
  • To complete the major repair of 7802 Bradley Manor, fitting new cylinder blocks and re-certifying the boiler for a return to service.
  • To progress and complete a new tender for 7802 Bradley Manor.
  • Following completion of the major repair of 7802 Bradley Manor and new tender, commence the overhaul to return Large Prairie 5164 to service.


For the benefit of the community, to advance education and learning in relation to heritage steam locomotives in particular by restoring, preserving, maintaining and operating the former Great Western Railway “Manor” class 4-6-0 locomotives 7812 Erlestoke Manor, 7802 Bradley Manor and 5101 class 2-6-2T Large Prairie 5164 in an authentic livery in full working order for as long as possible.


To organise and run special events for Erlestoke Manor Fund stakeholders – our shareholders, volunteers and supporters – to encourage their ongoing commitment to the aims of the Fund.


Founded in 1973, since 2018 the Erlestoke Manor Fund has been incorporated as a charitable Community Benefit Society governed by a constitution to safeguard the long-term security of the locomotives. As the Fund is registered as a charity for tax purposes, Gift Aid may be claimed on contributions from UK taxpayers, further increasing the value from shareholders and supporters. The Fund is supported by several hundred like-minded shareholders simply determined that the locomotives should have an active and useful future for as long as practically possible. So far this has been achieved without significant external subsidy or reliance on single large shareholding.

Active support is essential for the long-term active future of the locomotives and the Fund benefits from this in several different areas including fund raising, locomotive overhaul and maintenance as well as administration. These activities provide a wide range of opportunities for involvement and association with the locomotives. Importantly supporting the Fund provides opportunities to pass on heritage engineering skills and gain useful other experience. There is also a social side to the Fund either through meeting at regular working parties, visits to other railways with or without our locomotives and special events.