The Big ‘Large Prairie’ Appeal returning locomotive 5164 to service

An appeal to return ex-GWR Large Prairie no 5164 to service has been launched by Erlestoke Manor Fund ( EMF).

With EMF’s ex-GWR locomotives 7812 ‘Erlestoke Manor’ and 7802 ‘Bradley Manor’ both returning to traffic on the Severn Valley Railway in the near future, it is now embarking on a project which, subject to funding, could see 5164 steaming again on the SVR by 2027/28.

A key objective of the project is for younger volunteers to gain further experience in overhauling ex-GWR locomotives and for younger EMF trustees to lead the overhaul. This project will be a major factor in maintaining industrial heritage.

With the costs of materials and components escalating, the EMF is already purchasing components that will be required, including a full set of wheelset springs, which are being held in stock,

At today’s prices, the overhaul is expected to cost £400,000. Existing EMF funds, expected steaming fee income from 7812 and 7802 and a contribution from SVR (Holdings) will be insufficient and the Appeal will be a major factor in achieving the objective. The locomotive was last in traffic in January 2014 and is currently in store under cover at Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre. The locomotive was transferred to the EMF’s ownership in 2021

The EMF is seeking donations to help finance the project, with incentives to contribute.

As a registered charity, the EMF can claim Gift Aid. 100% of donations will go the 5164 Appeal. Donations may be eligible to be converted into shares in EMF.

More information can be found at

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