Letter from Bernard Rainbow, EMF President

To all EMF Members,

Now that 7802 Bradley Manor has returned to the SVR, it has had a very good restoration which will hold it in good stead for a lot of years. It has been refreshing, very refreshing to see steam enthusiasts doing what steam enthusiasts should be doing during the three years it has been at Tyseley. Lots of members have given their time when they can in its restoration in all weathers. The first year we were outside but members still carried on in snow, frost, rain and wind and you would be surprised at what a cup of Oxo can do for you!

Terry Jenkins has led the engineering side and Des Ainsworth run the painting department after the carbon tipped scrapers had done their job. We also had some work done by the Tyseley Works staff and at this stage I must say they were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble for them. Terry’s philosophy has been to do it now while we have the labour and facilities to do the work, because in ten years’ time we will all be ten years older and materials a lot dearer.

I myself have been in preservation a long time but this restoration has been most gratifying. All the bottom half has been completely stripped to the last nut and bolt, with every bit of paint removed to the bare metal. This has been a tremendous effort by all.

I hope, sincerely hope that when it is back in service on the SVR, that everyone there appreciates the effort that this enthusiastic EMF team has put in, all giving their time free when they can. I always believed that these museum pieces need treating with care and am looking forward to seeing it in steam this autumn. Well done!

Bernard Rainbow M.B.E,
President EMF

Bradley’s boiler in steam!

After a concentrated surge of effort by SVR’s boiler shop in recent weeks to complete final stay and tube replacement, caulking and pipework installed, the first week in October has seen Bradley Manor’s boiler tested first hydrostatically, then in steam (see photo above). Finally on Monday 5th October, when the boiler inspector witnessed a full steam test with safety valve blowing at the required test pressure, he was able to finally sign the test certificate. The clock has now started ticking on the next, hopefully, ten year period of service for this boiler in service!

The race is now on to get the boiler back in the frames (since achieved on 8th October), its cladding, remaining pipework and fittings replaced, and final painting completed for some test running prior to the SVR’s Manor 50 Cambrian themed event in mid-November (See details on last page). As this is a rather shorter time than we had planned for, Chairman Terry Jenkins has called for maximum attendance on all EMF active volunteers to ensure we achieve this objective. The call has been answered as you can see from the photos at the end of this newsletter.

Not only is Bradley required for the Manor 50 event in November, but the time of year is almost upon us for Santa trains and 7802’s availability for these will hopefully avoid the need for SVR to hire in outside locomotives.

A tender behind!

Concurrently, with work on the boiler, considerable efforts have also been made to ensure Bradley has a tender to go behind it when it returns to service within the next month. Until the new 3500 gallon tender is completed in about a couple of year’s time, the 4000 gallon tender which has served faithfully behind
7802 over the past 20 years throughout its active life in preservation, has been partially overhauled, including some repairs/replacement to front end platework and the back end of the tank top. The tank and chassis have been cleaned and sanded down, re-primered where required and undercoated by
our EMF volunteers. Last week a contract team engaged by the SVR applied final top coats, lining and crest transfers with the result looking absolutely superb.

New 3500 gallon Tender

This is being constructed at Tyseley Works, whose management kindly enable EMF volunteers to carry out as much work as possible ourselves. A recap of where we are with this:

A set of retyred wheels has been repainted ready for use. A set of recovered axleboxes has been blast cleaned and is receiving attention. Orders have been placed for remetalling and machining the axlebox bearings, and purchase of new pads and dust shields. New underkeep castings have been machined and painted ready for use. T bolts have been made in-house by EMF volunteers, with axle box cover plates and nuts to follow. The plan is to complete the wheels and all axlebox components (see photo right) before the end of 2015.

The rear steps (below), recovered old items, have been blast cleaned and painted. The front step assemblies are new items already drilled and assembled but awaiting riveting. The front and rear dragbox components are in the process of being acquired with some already drilled.

The programme is to complete the fabrication of both dragboxes in the first quarter of 2016. At that
stage we will obtain and erect the mainframes and fit a set of previously recovered axlebox horns to aim for completion of the chassis assembly by mid 2016.

We already have new castings (above) and a machined piston rod for a new vacuum brake cylinder. A recovered brake shaft is to go for repair this month with castings for new end bearings. Some brake rigging parts have been blast cleaned with others to follow. Our President, Bernard, has been painting these items (photo right shows him painting the brake hangers).

A new tender tank is to be ordered for delivery late 2016 for the whole project to be completed by mid 2017. The appeal remains open and we need to raise a further £10k to ensure that this work can proceed without delays.

Christmas is coming!

EMF Christmas cards depicting Bradley Manor on the Cambrian Coast Express about to leave Aberystwyth on Christmas Eve 1958 appropriately decorated for the season (size 22 x 15 cm, see left). These are now available from our sales coach (£5 for six) or by contacting Graham Stevens by phone on 01299 400596 or email to him at stevensg2@aol.com. (include extra £1 for postage and packing).

Manor 50 – The Cambrian Inspiration; Last days of Manors working November 1965.

The following feature is an extract from Derek Lowe’s book “The Cambrian Main Line; Whitchurch (Salop) to Aberystwyth/ Via Oswestry and Whitchurch/ Scenes from the Past 55; This was part of the initial inspiration for our SVR Manor 50 event in November – 50 years on.

Manor 50 Event – 13th to 15th November 2015

To commemorate the last days of the Manors on the Cambrian 50 years ago and Bradley Manor’s return to active service, this event is being sponsored and arranged by the SVR with the assistance from EMF. In addition to our two Manor locos, we are delighted that our friends the Dinmore Manor Group have also agreed for 7820 to attend and haul service trains to a special timetable. Small prairie 4566 will also be hauling 3 coach trains with the GWR Churchward toplight set of coaches. Furthermore it is rumoured that 7819 Hinton Manor, although a non-runner at present, doesn’t want to miss the party either if agreement can be reached to extract the loco from the Swindon Designer Outlet where currently displayed. These four Manors all performed on the Shrewsbury – Aberystwyth route in the last two weeks of Manor operations on the Cambrian so this will be a particularly poignant occasion.

During the event, SVR are offering Footplate Experiences featuring all the operating Manors on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November, both Taster runs (Kidderminster – Bewdley £125) and intermediate (Kidderminster – Highley £425) for some hands-on regulator and shovel excitement! Already getting booked up but click on http://www.svr.co.uk/FootplateExperience.aspx to try to secure your place on one of them.

Normal SVR fares apply on the service trains but discounts can be obtained by pre-booking on
http://svr.co.uk/Book-Freedom.aspx. Named trains including a Cambrian Coast Express dining train also feature and there will be a photographic display at Bridgnorth Station and sales stands. A reunion of former Cambrian railwaymen is expected and there is to be a Saturday evening film show at Kidderminster Railway Museum. All in all this promises to be quite an event at what is normally a very quiet time in the SVR calendar so please support it

A hive of activity!

A hive of simultaneous activity on 7th October; clockwise from top left; Des Ainsworth painting the coalwell on tender; Dave Link drilling for fall plate hinges on cab floor; John Hancock and Ian Whitlam removing dents from the safety valve cover; Richard Kempton and Robin Padget fitting boiler cladding; Phil Davidson fitting firebox rear cladding plates; Bill Burnett machining bolts; Terry Jenkins and Steve Whittaker discussing outstanding works with Ian Walker SVR Workshop Manager; Will Marsh measuring for ash pan fixing holes; Neil “Bubbles” Henderson fixing firebox insulation (centre). All photos (by Dave Kilner) taken on 7th October within a single ten minute period – nothing posed!

Hope to see you at Manor 50!

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