We have some very exciting news for you today.

The owning fund is pleased to state that 7812 has been passed fit for further service until the last day of December 2017. This good news follows the recent statutory annual cold and in steam examinations by the insurance company’s boiler inspector.

This is testament to the quality of the previous overhaul, the ongoing care of the SVR boilersmiths and the use of reverse osmosis water on the SVR. 7812 has now completed 9 years service and over 80,000 miles since last overhauled.

7812 returned to active service in February 2008 although its overhaul was substantially completed somewhat earlier. The severe flooding of 2007 which caused extensive damage to the SVR (and which is to be the subject of an exhibition on the SVR this year) delayed 7812’s return to service and the locomotive was first used in passenger service hauling the reopening train in March 2008.

Arrangements are being made to overhaul 7812 starting in January 2018 with a view to an early return to service on the SVR. An appeal for funding certain items to enable prompt completion will be launched shortly on this site.

Photo courtesy of Paul Pearson

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