Charitable Status & Gift Aid Update:

Following written confirmation from the HMRC that they recognise EMF as a charity for tax purposes with effect from 10th May 2018, the date on which we became a Community Benefit Society, the Erlestoke Manor Fund now has Gift Aid arrangements in place, further increasing the value of contributions from members and supporters.

We are able to claim Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers, bequests to the Fund from estates are exempt from Inheritance Tax, are exempt from Capital Gains Tax should the need arise, and our profits (which of course are all re-invested in the locos) are exempt from Corporation Tax. Becoming a charity has brought us into line with many other loco-owning groups and custodians of heritage assets, and the tax advantages will maximise the funds we have available to invest in future overhauls for our two Manors.

If you are interested in joining or increasing your support for the Fund, you will be most welcome and further information is available on our shareholders page.

All support is gratefully appreciated and directly goes towards the costs of overhauling and maintaining the Fund’s locomotives to ensure the operation of 7812 Erlestoke Manor and 7802 Bradley Manor for future generations.

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