Bradley Manor Tender Wheel Set Repair

Following winter maintenance a problem was encountered on the rear tender axle on 7802. This required replacement with one recently removed from 7812, Saturday 21st April saw the defective tender axle removed from the tender of 7802 which had been quickly turned thanks to the efforts of Tyseley Locomotive Works and the EMF. This remedial will allowed 7802 to return to traffic whilst the defective tender axle can be repaired and stored pending further use.

Newly overhauled tender axle as delivered from Tyseley Locomotive works.
An unusual view inside the tender axle box showing the oil bath and pad.
Mid way through replacing the wheel sets.
Long serving volunteers Philip and Steve carefully align the wheel set into position.
Cuppa tea time and job well done.
Job complete and awaiting a test run.

Photos courteous of Leo Roberts

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