7802’s Donor Tender latest news!

This 3500 gallon Churchward tender (number as yet unknown but approximately 100 years old!) has been acquired to enable those parts of it which are serviceable to be incorporated into the funds current project to build/rebuild an appropriate tender for 7802 Bradley Manor.

This is a considerable project perhaps more akin to a new build with old parts than a restoration in the accepted sense. With this tender and with other old parts already acquired the fund now has many of the non steel sheet/plate items required. We remain keen to acquire further items though and are particularly interested in any available tender brake hangers.

This project has also led to the manufacture of many useful patterns for tender parts from which castings are already being obtained including tender brake cylinder parts for tenders currently under rebuild for 7828 (WSR), 7820 (WSR/DMLL), 2999 (GWS) & 1014 (GWS). These patterns will help to ensure the availability of key parts for existing GWR tenders for many years to come.

Assistance with this project is welcomed through:

  • financial through donation/EMF share purchase
  • donation of shop goods for resale in the EMF Bewdley shop
  • practical at Bewdley working parties
  • locating further reusable parts for acquisition


The remains of the ‘new’ tender at Bewdley yard 8th July 2011.


With, left to right, Dave, Phillip and Terry.


Surprisingly a few parts survive, such as the vacuum brake cylinder…


..the water scoop…


..and the draw gear.


But otherwise the metal moth has been hard at work! Here on the water scoop inlet pipe normally hidden from view inside tender tank…


and the rear vacuum pipe…


“from tiny acorns mighty tenders grow!”


And an oxy cut spring hanger bracket. Photos by: Terry Howes


And finially… 7812 carrying the Erlestoke Manor Fund headboard which it should have carried during the recent shareholders special day – but didn’t!
Photo by: Terry Howes

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