5164 transfers to EMF

The Erlestoke Manor Fund, 5164 Preservation Group and Severn Valley Railway are delighted to announce that that the formal transfer of 5164 to the EMF completed in late November, thus securing the future of the locomotive in a charitable organisation which is strongly affiliated to the SVR.

A small ceremony was held at Barrow Hill Roundhouse on 21 November when 5164 Preservation Group Chairman, Ian Whitlam, formally handed ownership of the locomotive over to EMF Chairman, Adrian Hassell, in the presence of the SVR Contracts Manager Duncan Ballard. The support of the Barrow Hill Roundhouse for facilitating this was greatly appreciated by all present.

An initial examination of 5164 was carried out during the visit by members of the 5164 and EMF engineering teams.

5164 is expected to remain on display at Barrow Hill Roundhouse at present, while EMF shareholders are consulted on a proposal to bring 5164 into the ‘active’ fleet of EMF locomotives, which would allow planning and fundraising to support a future overhaul to commence, after EMF’s other two locomotives, 7812 Erlestoke Manor and 7802 Bradley Manor return, following their respective overhauls, to service on the SVR first.

Adrian Hassell, Chair of EMF, commented “ this transfer not only secures 5164 as a long term SVR resident but further strengthens the viability of EMF in the heritage locomotive sector”.

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